• Clock Spring® is the world’s leading manufacturer of permanent and temporary composite pipe repair solutions. Our products are designed to provide structural reinforcement, leak repair, and corrosion prevention for pipelines and industrial pipe-works. Clock Spring’s products are endorsed by peer review and third party testing. www.clockspring.com

  • The Armor Plate, Inc. venture originated from Wil-Cor, Inc., which owns the registered trade name of Armor Plate® products.Wil-Cor, Inc. started its business in 1978 and manufactures and formulates epoxy polyester resins for floor coatings, tank linings, grouts, and adhesives for the oil and gas industry. www.armorplateinc.com

  • Advanced OEM Solutions (AOS) is the premier provider of customizable Phased Array, Full Matrix Capture (FMC), and Multi-Channel Conventional UT hardware. Enabling clients and partners to create custom solutions and products for NDT, we provide an “outside of the box” solution to your inspection needs. Break into new markets, refresh current product lines, save time and money on expensive and risky R&D and expand your business.


  • Delta SubSea (DSS) is a leading integrated independent provider of ROV Services and Solutions, Consulting & Engineering, and Tooling Solutions for the subsea oil and gas industry. Delta SubSea’sROV fleet is focused on solutions for customers in the inspection, repair and maintenance, construction, drilling and decommissioning market segments. www.deltasubsea-rov.com

  • With 20 years of advanced NDE experience, Diakont inspection services provide pipeline and storage tank operators with the integrity data necessary to meet their integrity program objectives.

  • The ForceLok Mechanical Pipe Joining System is the first mechanical connection system for line pipe of its kind designed to be measureable, repeatable and fully documented.  The Patent-Pending ForceLok Computerized Monitoring System was designed to ensure quality control in the manufacturing of the end preparations in the mechanical pipe joining system and also provides monitoring and documentation in the field during the joint assembly process of the ForceLok Mechanical Pipe Connection System


  • FRONTICS AMERICA is global leading company specialized in material properties assessment equipment by IIT (Instrumented Indentation Test). With our global leading technology, we have developed automated indentation system to provide “Fast & Precise Solutions for Quality & Reliability” to assess reliability and safety of all product range from materials, parts, system and industrial structures.


  • G2MT's materials characterization technologies are changing how NDE is performed.  Finally, there is a way to find problems before they occur.  We use electronic measurement tools and advanced integration of electronic and physical property measurements to allow analysis that was never before available.  Our new NDE technologies are enabling the next-generation of materials capabilities and helping safeguard our aging infrastructure.


  • The mission of Guidedwave is to become the leading ultrasonic guided wave innovations company, with technology transfer and product development efforts for NDE and SHM in pipeline, rail, aviation, power generation, manufacturing, civil infrastructure, and military products. www.gwultrasonics.com

  • HUVR is a data analytics company that uses drones (UAS) to inspect industrial assets and large acreage for precision agriculture. Our goal is to provide actionable data for our clients that will dramatically reduce their costs and manage their assets more effectively.


  • HydraTech Engineered Products, LLC is committed to providing reliable repair and rehabilitation solutions to pipeline and civil infrastructure by manufacturing proven and tested products designed to provide leak prevention, wear and corrosion prevention, and structural reinforcement.  HydraTech products are supported through engineering and applied by qualified and trained installers.


  • LaserStream, LP, located in Humble, Texas, was founded in 2014. LaserStream uses a laser-based measurement system for the inspection of oilfield equipment and pipe / tubing. www.laserstreamlp.com

  • LORD Corporation is a diversified technology and manufacturing company developing highly reliable adhesives, coatings, motion management devices, and sensing technologies that significantly reduce risk and improve product performance. For more than 90 years, LORD has worked in collaboration with our customers to provide innovative oil and gas, aerospace, defense, automotive and industrial solutions www.lord.com

  • Massachusetts Materials Technologies is an MIT spinoff providing bothin-ditch and out-of-ditch solutions for non-destructive materials verification. MMT is driven to provide the support and resources required to develop technologies relating to the fields of materials, mechanics, and manufacturing.  www.bymmt.com

  • Milliken Infrastructure Solutions, LLC is located in Houston, Texas and Spartanburg, South Carolina. Milliken Infrastructure offers a range of smart innovations focused on new materials and installation-friendly methods to rehabilitate, repair, and strengthen infrastructure. www.milliken.com

  • MISTRAS is a leading "one source" global provider of technology-enabled asset protection solutions used to evaluate the structural integrity of critical energy, industrial and public infrastructure.

  • Since 1982, hundreds of companies have trusted NRI to solve their infrastructure needs.  Our nonmetallic composite solutions deliver unparalleled product performance in this highly specialized field.  NRI offers a true global outreach that ensures we consistently supply the right products, people and services for your project, anywhere in the world.

  • Since 1995, Nieto has been providing IT support with first class customer service to companies in the Houston Metroplex. Our clients range from small and medium size businesses to Fortune 100 corporations.   Our services are provided hourly, by project, and via outsourced staff to supplement or manage your technology department.  We are the Technology Partner you have been looking for to enhance the way technology works for your company.Think of Nieto as a Customer Service Company that understands technology. www.nieto.com

  • Pipeline Pressure Isolation Group, LLC, located in Cypress, Texas has introduced the IsoPig® (Piggable Blind Flange).  The IsoPig® is a remotely operated (through-ground and through-steel) piggable pressure isolation tool.  The IsoPig® forms a high pressure, leak free seal, in liquids and gas, creating a true double-block, safe work site for your people, while protecting the integrity of the environment and your pipeline assets while saving you time and money.

  • ROSEN USA, located in Houston, Texas, was founded in 1981. ROSEN is an expert in sensor and data acquisition technologies and supplies sophisticated instruments, with 85% of their products made in-house. ROSEN specializes in pipeline cleaning tools, wear protection, and intelligent sensing products. www.rosen-group.com

  • Seikowave uses 3D measurements to solve common problems encountered in the oil and gas industry. Our solutions acquire 3D data, analyze the data for defects and anomalies, and generate reports that determine the fitness for service and can help guide repair procedures if necessary. www.seikowave.com

  • Speir Hunter Ltd, in partnership with the University of Leeds in the UK, has engineered the science of stress-magnetisation to create a remote pipeline inspection tool which is used by integrity engineers worldwide on both piggable and non-piggable lines. This groundbreaking technology is called Stress Concentration Tomography, commonly referred to as SCT™. www.speirhunter.co.uk

  • Team Industrial Services is the worldwide leader in minimizing equipment and asset downtime and maximizing performance by providing critical services for our customers. We operate as two divisions: TeamFurmanite and TeamQualspec. TeamFurmanite provides a comprehensive array of mechanical and repair solutions. TeamQualspec is a specialty provider of NDT inspection and heat treating services. www.teamindustrialservices.com

  • The mission of Weld Revolution is to improve productivity, efficiency & quality through our unique rotating arc welding process. SpinArc® welding torches create a superior welding experience through the use of a high speed rotating welding arc. www.weldrevolution.com

  • Western Specialties is located in Dansville, New York. Western Specialties is the Composi-Sleeve™ solution creator, developer and manufacturer.Composi-Sleeve™ is a patented pipeline anomaly repair solution that protects and supports pipeline flow. www.westernspecialtiesllc.com

  • WrapMaster, Inc. is an FRP (fiber reinforced polymer) manufacturing company based in Longview, TX. WrapMaster manufactures PermaWrap and WeldWrap, the only composite pipeline repair sleeve designed to be detected by MFL "Smart Pig" tools. www.wrapmasterinc.com